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Fun Phonics

As part of our phonics learning we play games such as this one Roll and Read. Here we are working with a partner, reading words with the long 'u' sound and having fun while we are learning. 

Halloween Potions, Halloween Art, Halloween Dress Up, Halloween Party, Halloween Science Experiments...

Halloween was certainly in the air in the First Class this week. We learned some Halloween poems called "Halloween Spooks" and "The Witch's Brew."  There was so much excitement when we got to make our very own witch's brew. We took turns adding in different ingredients like eyeballs and spiders and giving our brew a good stir. Take a look at us at work and how our brew turned out... We then worked together to write A Potion including the ingredients we would use and the steps to be followed to make the brew. We engaged in some thought showering and came up with great lists of ingredients, bossy verbs and time connectives. Each of us then got a chance to come up with our own potions. We got to decide what our potion would do if someone drank it, what ingredients would be needed to make it and we wrote out the steps needed to make the potion. Some of us got to read out our potion by sitting in the author's chair. It was so exciting hearing what our friends

Maths Week is Here!

During Maths Week we had lots of fun playing Maths games such as 4 in a Row and Snakes and Ladders. We really enjoyed solving some picture simultaneous equations. We also learned about Tangrams. We designed our own Tangram shapes and arranged them in various ways to make different Tangram pictures. This was a little tricky at first but with some practice we started to find it easier. We also went on a Maths Trail outside our school and among the things we had to spot were the different shapes in the school grounds, the number of different colour cars in the car park and the number of windows in the school as well as finding the year the school was built! We had great fun working with our groups to find the answers! A very enjoyable Maths week was had by all.